An innovative NFT project that combines the world of market analytics and alt girls

AltChicks offers a unique twist to the NFT space by not only providing beautifully designed and expressive NFTs but also granting exclusive access to powerful market analytics tools.

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What is this NFT project?

Beyond their visual appeal, these NFTs unlock a world of valuable insights and data-driven analysis for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts. Holders of AltChicks NFTs gain access to a comprehensive suite of market analytics tools, including real-time price charts, historical data analysis, trend indicators, and market sentiment trackers. This arsenal of tools empowers users to make informed decisions and navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or a crypto enthusiast looking to enhance your understanding of market dynamics, AltChicks provides a delightful and informative experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of alt culture while leveraging the power of cutting-edge market analytics.

As a member of the AltChicks community, you'll have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, share trading strategies, and discuss the latest trends in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from experienced traders, and discover new opportunities in the world of digital assets.

Join us on this exciting journey where creativity and data converge, and where cute alt chicks serve as gateways to market insights. Embrace the alternative, stay ahead of the curve, and make your mark in the crypto world with AltChicks.

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Application Features

Analyze crypto trends with our NFT project: Twitter sentiment analysis, user activity, wallet activity and trend data.

Twitter Keywords Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analysis of 2500+ cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trends Analytics

Get crypto market trends by watching volume, addresses, concentrated liquidity and capitalization.

Top Portfolio Tracker

Track crypto whale wallets and get historical data.

Twitter User Activity

Track all Twitter account activities and provide engagement data.

Discord bot

Don't miss important notifications with our discord bot.


Get in touch with people in the crypto world.

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Project Roadmap

Charting the path ahead: Our roadmap to success and innovation.

Our team

Application development

  • Step 1: Application planning and design - Define key functionalities, technical architecture and optimal user experience.
  • Step 2: Infrastructure development - Set up the infrastructure needed to support the application, including servers, databases and market analysis tools.
  • Step 3: Core functionality development - Implement the application's core functionality, such as real-time price charts, historical data analysis, trend indicators and market sentiment monitoring.
  • Step 4: Testing and optimization - Carry out rigorous testing to ensure the application's stability, security and performance. Optimize existing functionalities according to user feedback and market needs.

Communication on social networks

  • Step 1: Communication strategy - Develop a communication strategy on social networks to promote AltChicks and attract a community of committed users.
  • Step 2: Content creation - Produce engaging and informative content for the various social media channels, focusing on AltChicks' unique benefits and application features.
  • Step 3: Engage with the community - Actively interact with the community, answering questions, sharing updates and encouraging user participation.
  • Step 4: Targeted marketing campaigns - Organize targeted marketing campaigns to increase AltChicks' visibility and attract new users interested in NFTs and cryptocurrency market analysis.

Raffles, Giveaway, Presale, Bid, Mint

  • Step 1: Raffles and Giveaways - Organize raffles and giveaways to reward the existing community and boost engagement. These events will also raise awareness of AltChicks and attract new users.
  • Step 2: Presale - Launch an exclusive presale period where users can purchase AltChicks NFTs as a preview, enjoying special benefits and rewards.
  • Step 3: Bid - Set up an auction system to enable users to acquire NFT AltChicks via a competitive and transparent process.
  • Step 4: Mint - Launch the mint phase where users will be able to create new NFT AltChicks, expanding the collection and providing new opportunities for collectors.

Join our community

Join our Discord server to have opportunities to be whitelisted to gain beta access of the application and pre-sale access.